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  ISI's Information Integration (II) research group combines artificial intelligence and database integration techniques to solve complex information integration problems. We leverage general research techniques across information-intensive disciplines, including medical informatics, geospatial data integration and the social Web.  
  The II group currently is pursuing automatic discovery and semantic modeling of online information sources, interactive data integration, information mediators for bioinformatics, and learning from online social networks, among other techniques. Our work focuses on solving real-world problems to bridge research and relevant applications.  
  For more, please visit our About page.  
 Recent News  
  November 2013 :  
  Another guest post on the ACM SIGMOD blog about The Curses of Heterogeneity in Big Data.  
  August 2013:  
  I am co-organizing workshop on Mathematics of Social Learning with James Fowler, Santo Fortunato, Michael Macy and Costma Shalizi, that will take place in January 2014 at the UCLA's Institute for Applied Mathematics.  
  July 2013 :  
  "Friendship Paradox Redux" was selected as an honorable mention paper at the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM-13)