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Chun-Nan Hsu
 Software: PSA 
  PSA: Single-Pass On-Line Learning -- Learning from Unlimited Training Examples  
  PSA is a step-size adjustment method for gradient-based algorithms. We showed that PSA computes a close approximation of theoretically optimal step-size in linear time with regards to the dimension of the parameter space.  
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 Web Service: AIIAGMT 
  AIIAGMT: Gene Mention Tagger for Biological Text Mining.  
  AIIAGMT is one of the world's most accurate gene mention taggers.  
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 Web Service: FastSNP 
  FastSNP: SNP Prioritization by Functional Analysis -- Assessing Risk of Biomarks  
  FastSNP is one of the world's most widely used SNP prioritization tools. Biomarkers identified by using FastSNP have been translated for clinical uses.  
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