Dynamic Cache Control

In current proxies, the selection of a cache replacement algorithm is arbitrary and static.  An individual proxy will benefit from an algorithm that is designed and selected to optimize the server's unique usage profile.  The LSAM proxy will provide the necessary tools to select and employ a replacement algorithm based on current usage conditions.  Further, the LSAM proxy will also be a test bed for exploring new types of replacement algorithms.
The LSAM proxy offers the following features:

  • Support for algorithm experiments
    1. Plug-replaceable algorithms
      1. The LSAM proxy implements a variety  of replacement policies that can be used interchangably.
    2. Instantiate alternate policies
      1. The LSAM proxy provides the framework for creating new replacement policies.  Proposed algorithms can be quickly implemented and tested.
    3. Real world testing environment
      1. Because the LSAM proxy is a working proxy server, it allows algorithm experimentation in a real enviroment.  Algorithm developers do not have to rely on simulation or traces to explore new ideas.
  • Support meta-algorithm
    1. Algorithm to select and control replacement policy algorithm
      1. The LSAM proxy is capable of selecting an optimal replacement policy for the cache based on proxy usage.  The server administrator does not have to monitor the server or make adjustments.
  • Montioring to analyze efficiency
    1. Feedback to meta-algorithm
      1. The LSAM proxy monitors document request patterns and network conditions in order to determine replacement policies.
    2. Detect proxy "purpose"

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