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The ns Manual (formerly ns Notes and Documentation)1

The VINT Project
A collaboratoin between researchers at
UC Berkeley, LBL, USC/ISI, and Xerox PARC.
Kevin Fall, Editor
Kannan Varadhan, Editor

August 24, 2000 ©../copyright.html is LBNL's Network Simulator [#!ns!#]. The simulator is written in C++; it uses OTcl as a command and configuration interface.  v2 has three substantial changes from  v1: (1) the more complex objects in  v1 have been decomposed into simpler components for greater flexibility and composability; (2) the configuration interface is now OTcl, an object oriented version of Tcl; and (3) the interface code to the OTcl interpreter is separate from the main simulator.

Ns documentation is available in html, Postscript, and PDF formats. See for pointers to these.