3rd VINT Network Simulator (NS): August 1998 Workshop

Workshop: Internet Simulations with the NS simulator

Organization: The VINT Project.

Brought to you by: Kevin Fall (LBNL),
Kannan Varadhan (USC/ISI).

Time: Friday, August 7, 1998, 9AM--5PM

Place: George Mason University, Arlington Campus (near Washington D.C.)
4001 North Fairfax Drive
Suite 450
Arlington, VA 22201.

You can find maps to the workshop site on the GMU web page. In addition, you may find some notes helpful.

A list of nearby hotels is available from the ISI-East web page .

Cost: US $50 to cover food and copying charges (for a set of the slides).
US $25 for full time students.

Please mail your cheques to:

    USC-Information" Sciences Institute
    Attn: VINT ns_Workshop
    c/o Joe Kemp
    4676 Admiralty Way
    Suite 1001
    Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695.
The fee must be received by July 31, 1998

Registration Forms: You can download a copy of the registration form . Please complete the registration form and email it to <workshop@isi.edu>.

Description: The workshop is intended to largely repeat the earlier workshops presented at Cannes, France (1997) and Los Angeles, California (January 1998) earlier. The format and content will be very similar to the previous workshops, with updates based on functionality added to the ns simulator since the first workshop.

The goal of the VINT project, a collaborative project between USC/ISI, LBL/UC Berkeley, and Xerox PARC, is to extend the ns simulator so that network researchers can study the complex interactions between network protocols (e.g., unicast routing, multicast routing, TCP, reliable multicast, integrated services, etc.) in complex topologies and with a rich set of traffic generators.

This workshop is intended for researchers who would like to use ns more actively, or extend its functionality. We will discuss the primary components of the simulator (the scheduler, connection oriented and connectionless protocols, trace support, routing, topology generation, multicast support, and queue management), and discuss various issues in adding new routing or transport protocols, scheduling algorithms, link layers, applications, or visualization tools to ns.

Outline: The following is an approximate outline describing the major items that we expect to cover in this workshop:
	VINT: goals, accomplishments, status	(Kevin/Kannan)
	ns architecture/history/perspective	(Kevin)
	Target audience, workshop outline	(Kevin)
	ns Major components (high-level)	(Kevin)
	Software structure, status (high-level)	(Kevin)
	A simple example simulation		(Kevin)

	Kits / Modules / ???
	(simulation resources for researchers)
		simulator, scheduler, packets	(Kevin)
		topology, nodes, links, routing	(Kannan)
		protocols, agents, queues	(Kevin)
		math, stats, monitors, traces	(Kevin)

	    EMULATION				(Kevin)

		OTcl/C++ Linkage		(Kannan and/or Kevin)
		debugging			(Kannan)

	[break for 1/2 hr]

		topo gen, GT-ITM, scripts,	(Kannan)
		traffic gen session-level stuff?

		--> topology and traffic generation kits

	    Multicast and RM			(Kannan)
		multisim, mcast routing

		--> multicast starter kit


	Implementation Issues/Discussion
		constructing a complex object (e.g CBQ)	(Kevin)
		ns execution performance/profiling/mem

	future directions and wish-lists
	open discussion

Slides from this workshop

Kevin's slides 1 slide per page 4 slides per page

Slides from the earlier workshops

Kevin's slides 1 slide per page 4 slides per page
Kannan's slides 1 slide per page 4 slides per page

VINT/ns documentation of the ns simulator:

Copies of the documentation will not be distributed at the workshop.
However, they are also available on the web.