The ns-users mailing list: Guidelines for posting

The ns-users list is an open list where ns users can ask questions about the simulator. Although anyone is welcome to subscribe to this list, if you are considering posting, please read the following about appropriate posting to this list.

Important! Search before you post

Many new users run into a problem and immediately ask a question on this list. This list has about 4000 users and hundreds of posts per month, so it is often the case that someone has asked (and answered) the question before. So please do a bit of checking before you post questions to the list. Please review these two links before posting:

To reinforce the above, as a first-time poster to ns-users, you will get the following response:

Welcome to posting to the ns-users mailing list!

We automatically send this message to every new person who sends mail
to the list.  You should only receive it once.  My apologies if the
program contacts you twice, perhaps because you have multiple e-mail
addresses or send mail from multiple machines.

If you are an experienced ns-user who simply has not posted since we
started using this responder, our apologies for inconveniencing you
with this message.  This message is intended to help inform users and
cut down on redundant posts, which benefits everyone.

Please look at the attached list of ns Frequently Asked Questions.
If it answers your question, great!  You're done.
If not, please RE-SEND your original message to
A copy of your original message is included below for reference.

You will NOT have to do re-send your message every time you post, only
the FIRST time you send from a new account.  The goal is to quickly
help new users find the FAQ (hopefully answering their question).

   -the ns development team

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Please respect the above guidelines and subscribe to ns-users here.