Quantum Computing

Quantum Center Commercial Rates

The USC-Lockheed-Martin Quantum Computing Center (QCC) houses a 1,098 qubit D-Wave 2X System, a quantum computing processor. The device at the heart of the D-Wave processor uses superconducting technology to solve combinatorial optimization problems using open-system adiabatic quantum annealing, a restricted form of quantum computing. In adiabatic quantum annealing, the user describes a problem as an optimization problem where the optimal solution is the lowest energy point in the search space.  Combinatorial optimization is ubiquitous and notoriously hard to solve and has a wide range of applications in domains such as logistics, scheduling, and machine learning. More information on the D-Wave 2X System can be found here.

The D-Wave 2X System can be used as an experimental platform for investigating properties of adiabatic quantum annealing, and the QCC is making this resource available for use by the research community.  Research teams can contact the QCC to arrange usage of the system via secure internet connection on an hourly basis.

QCC personnel have years of experience working with three generations of D-Wave processors, and the QCC team has world-class research expertise in application mapping for quantum annealing, theoretical models, numerical tools, algorithm design, simulation, and error detection and correction. In addition to hourly access to the D-Wave 2X System, research teams can contact the QCC to discuss assistance in using the D-Wave 2X System and to discuss collaboration on sponsored research.

Quantum Center Commercial Pricing List
Total Annual Scheduled Hours Commecial Hourly Rate US Government and University Hourly Rate
Less than 100 $1,980 $1,800
Between 100 and 249 $1,650 $1,500
Between 250 and 499 $1,375 $1,250
Between 500 and 999 $1,100 $1,000
Between 1000 and 1999 $550 $500
2000 or more $440 $400