Artificial Intelligence

ISI operates one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) groups.Expertise includes natural language, information integration and knowledge technologies for big science and other applications. We also explore biomedical data integration and engineering, computational behavior, adaptive robotics, social networks and pedagogical technologies.

Research spans AI theory, technical aspects and practical implementation, such as building working prototypes and partnering with industry to create commercial applications.

Our primary thrusts:

  • Natural language processing in which ISD is internationally renowned, including question answering, summarization and related research.
  • Knowledge technologies: involving workflow creation and management for very large-scale scientific and other applications.
  • Information integration: artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to solve complex information integration problems.
  • Biomedical data integration provides a semantically consistent view of, and efficient query access to, distributed, heterogeneous biomedical data.
  • Biomedical knowledge engineering, novel innovative methods of building biomedical informatics systems based on cutting-edge AI techniques.
  • Computational behavior, including alternate reality games that fuse physical and cyber worlds, moth-based geospatial analysis and game theory.
  • Machine translation such as statistical machine translation and other decipherment problems.
  • Robotics, such as modular, self-reconfiguring robots and control methods.
  • Social networks that decipher social web structure and dynamics from multiple perspectives.


Led by Yigal Arens, AI at ISI (also known as the Intelligent Systems Division, or ISD) comprises more than 120 researchers, research programmers and USC graduate students. Many researchers hold Ph.D.s in computer science or related disciplines, and about 15 also serve as research faculty in the USC Viterbi School’s Computer Science Department and Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.