ISI Technical Reports

This section contains all Technical Reports published by ISI over the past several decades. The search box below enables searches by report titles, authors and report numbers. Technical Reports written by ISI researchers, but not published by ISI, may be available through the author’s individual website.

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RESECT: Self-learning Spoofed Traffic Filters
J. Mirkovic, E. Kline, and P. Reiher
November, 2015

Detecting Malicious Activity with DNS Backscatter (extended)K. Fukuda and J. Heidemann
October, 2015

The FailSafe Assertion LanguageH. P. Zima, E. DeBenedictis, J. N. Chame, P. C. Diniz, and R. F. Lucas
October, 2015

Evaluating Externally Visible OutagesA. Alwabel, J. Healy, J. Heidemann, B. Luu, Y. Pradkin, and R. Safavian
August, 2015

Data Science in the News: Advances and Challenges for the Era of Big DataK. Musen, A. Deng, T. Alarcon, and Y. Gil
August, 2015

QUASAR: A New Approach to Software AttestationJ. Abramson, S. Schwab, Q. Tran, and W. B. Moore
July, 2015

LegoTG: Composable Traffic Generation with a Custom BlueprintJ. Mirkovic and G. Bartlett
June, 2015

Poster: Lightweight Content-based Phishing DetectionC. Ardi and J. Heidemann
May, 2015

PASO: An Integrated, Scalable PSO-based Optimization Framework for Hyper-Redundant Manipulator Path Planning and Inverse KinematicsT. Collins and W. - M. Shen
April, 2015

Implementation of the TCP Extended Data Offset OptionH. Trieu, J. Touch, and T. Faber
March, 2015