Thamme Gowda | @thammegowda
4676 Admiralty Way #1001, Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA
IPA: θʌmme gaʊdʌ | Kannada: ತಮ್ಮೇ ಗೌಡ | Telugu: తమ్మే గౌడ | Devanagari: तम्मे गौड
TG logo, designed by my friend Vinay Pai
I am a Research Programmer in the NLP Group at USC ISI. I obtained MS in Computer Science from USC (class of 2017). My current work is focused in improving Machine Translation for low resource natural languages (i.e. with limited supervision) and Morphological analysis. A small part of my time is dedicated for developing Quantum computing applications for (fast) Natural Language Processing. I am fortunate to be mentored by Dr. Jonathan May and Dr. Kevin Knight.
In the past, I had worked with some of amazing people from industry, academia, research labs, start-ups, and open source communities. I support open source software:
  • 2016 - Present : Committer and Project Management Committee member at Apache Software Foundation.
  • 2017 (Summer) : Google Summer of Code 2017 Mentor for Apache Tika.
My career ambition is to bridge the gap between machine intelligence and human intelligence, especially in human language technologies.

My first neural MT system composed a sentence starting with 'In the Summer of World War Translation'..., I still have no idea what it meant. I will find a new task in AI ( or go back to do farming in my village, with robots) when mine or somebody's machine translator beats my translation of this poem , and generalizes well for other such languages.





Software Engineering

My happiest moment was when a stranger at a conference said, 'thanks for writing that code and making it open'. Selected projects: My github page has most of my other (opensourced) code. Also, I wrote the first version of platform, a platform-as-a-service for Machine Learning applications.
I used to post answers on (when I faced problems unsolved by anyone else.) See my profile here