ISI Technical Reports

This section contains all Technical Reports published by ISI over the past several decades. The search box below enables searches by report titles, authors and report numbers. Technical Reports written by ISI researchers, but not published by ISI, may be available through the author’s individual website.

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A Proof Rule for Euclid Procedures
G. , J. , H. , J. , L. , and R.
May, 1977

Informality in Program Specifications
Balzer, R.M., Goldman, N., and Wile, D.
April, 1977

PRIM System: OverviewB. Britt, A. Cooperband, L. Gallenson, and J. Goldberg
March, 1977

Man-Machine Communication Research: Final Report
M. and W.
February, 1977

An Assessment of Reliability of Dialogue-Annotation Instructions
M. , W. , C. , J. , L. , and J.
January, 1977

A Goal-Oriented Model of Natural Language Interaction
L. , J. , M. , and W.
January, 1977

Working Papers in Dialogue Modeling Vol.1
L. , J. , A. , and A.
January, 1977

Dialogue Games: Meta-communication Structures for Natural Language Interaction
L. and J.
January, 1977

ARPA Navy CINCPAC Military Message Experiment SIGMA Primer
Holg, C.
January, 1977

The ARPANET/TENEX Primer and the MSG Message Handling Program Pocket size (My77)
Holg, C.
January, 1977