ISI Technical Reports

This section contains all Technical Reports published by ISI over the past several decades. The search box below enables searches by report titles, authors and report numbers. Technical Reports written by ISI researchers, but not published by ISI, may be available through the author’s individual website.

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Mapping the Expansion of {Google's} Serving InfrastructureM. Calder, X. Fan, Z. Hu, E. Katz-Bassett, J. Heidemann, R. Govindan,
TR 13-935

A Preliminary Analysis of Network Outages During Hurricane Sandy J. Heidemann, L. Quan, and Y. Pradkin
November, 2012

Montage Topology Manager: Tools for Constructing and Sharing Representative Internet Topologies A. Hussain and J. Chen
August, 2012

Building Apparatus for Multi-resolution Networking Experiments Using ContainersD. E. T. E. R. Team
July, 2012

An Organization-Level View of the Internet and its Implications (extended)X. Cai, J. Heidemann, B. Krishnamurthy, and W. Willinger
June, 2012

Towards Geolocation of Millions of IP AddressesZ. Hu, J. Heidemann, and Y. Pradkin
May, 2012

Detecting Internet Outages with Precise Active Probing (extended)L. Quan, J. Heidemann, and Y. Pradkin
May, 2012

Characterizing Anycast in the Domain Name SystemX. Fan, J. Heidemann, and R. Govindan
May, 2012

Multifrontal Sparse Matrix Factorization on Graphics Processing UnitsR. F. Lucas, G. Wagenbreth, J. J. Tran, and D. M. Davis
January, 2012

A Primer for the PROV Provenance ModelY. Gil, S. Miles, K. Belhajjame, H. Deus, D. Garijo, G. Klyne, P. Missier, S. Soiland-Reyes, S. Zednik,